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The Internal Revenue Service helps taxpayers with filing certain tax forms for free. The Free File Fillable Forms has a large number of tax forms that can be filed electronically. If you need a tax form that needs filing with the IRS, Free File Fillable Forms is worth trying. When you land on the IRS page for filing taxes for free, those that have an AGI of over $72,000 don’t have many options as they don’t get any offers from the tax preparation services. What you can do as an individual that made over $72,000 is file tax forms through Free File Fillable Forms.

To file tax forms using Free File Fillable Forms, you must create an account for every tax year. You will need the following to create an account for the Free File Fillable Forms.

  • e-mail address
  • user ID (you’ll create a new one)
  • phone number
  • password

List of Available Tax Forms – Free File

The available tax forms on Free File Fillable Forms is as follows.

Since you can file Form 1040 – your federal income tax return – on Free File Fillable Forms, the rest is easy. Attach your information returns along with these tax forms that you can fill and submit to the Internal Revenue Service. 

If your adjusted gross income is below $72,000, we highly suggest utilizing the offers of tax preparation services as your options are not limited to certain tax forms. Taxpayers that need to file a tax form outside of the ones that are listed above need to subscribe to a tax preparation service or file a paper return. We’ve covered the advantages of filing an electronic return. See our comparison of filing taxes electronically vs. on paper.

Frequently asked free filing questions

Is IRS Free File really free?

The excessive use of ‘free’ in commercial products made many wondering as to whether a service is really free to use or not. The IRS Free File Fillable Forms is completely free to use, and you won’t need to enter any sort of payment information. You can fill out as many tax forms as you need out of a large number of tax forms available to use.

Who qualifies for free filing tax forms?

Every taxpayer is eligible to use the Free File Fillable Forms. If your income is way higher than the maximum $72,000, there is a high chance that you have multiple streams of income that may require you to file tax forms other than what you can file on Free File Fillable Forms. In that case, you’ll need to look for another and undoubtedly a paid way to file taxes.

Can I file state taxes free?

Yes, you can but only through an offer from a tax preparation service. You cannot file state taxes using Free File Fillable Forms. You’ll need to meet the free filing guidelines to file your state income tax return alongside federal income tax return. Note that not every tax preparation service offers a state income tax return with Form 1040.

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